Is your data incomplete or outdated, We are the #1 data append solutions provider!

We have worked with a number of industries to provide complete data complementary solutions ranging from real estate to home improvement and non-profit fundraising. We are happy to use our decades of experience in the data related business to provide custom solutions for your data quality needs. We successfully work with files of all sizes, from small to large corporate databases, with advanced file extensions. As a contact data affiliate solution provider, Accurate Affiliate helps businesses connect more effectively with their customers and potential.

Can't find data in your customer file? You can improve your customer database by adding key data components that improve your business intelligence and marketing performance. Additionally, contact information can be added within multiple communication channels, further enhancing retention and the ability to find similar leads on external lists. Most B2B marketers now use emails as one of their best organic distribution channels. Open new communication channels for marketing using the email appending. United Data Labs provides excellent email related services to help you easily reach your target customers with active email addresses and phone numbers. Eliminate email bounce rates by eliminating your data from outdated records by partnering with top email affiliate vendors such as United Data Labs.

Our niche appending services

Email Appending

United Data Labs' customer and business email related services enable you to add lost email addresses to your marketing database. Our email affiliate service is based on a database of over 500 million email addresses. Increase your ROI in marketing with our latest and error-free affiliate B2B email list. All Appended products have the support of our team of experienced Data Scientists who are passionate about helping customers make the most of our products.

Phone Appending

A successful marketing campaign depends on knowing who to target and conveying a message that resonates with your audience. The Phone Data Appending service of United Data Labs adds phone numbers and line types to your customer and prospect list. United Data Labs enables multichannel marketing campaigns and provides statistics on improving the targeting of your marketing programs.

DUNS Number Append Service

The DUNS number allows customers to measure sales in their specific niche market, achieve new sales, implement better marketing practices and implement more effective customer interaction planning. You can create a value-added information source in your own organization by combining your company's internal data with D&B's database and other marketplace information.

Social Media Appending Service

United Data Labs' can add social media to your existing database or provide social media contacts to your target audience. By learning about a person's affiliations, chat handles, and other details for social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more, you can now build more meaningful customer relationships, enhance brand awareness and improve lead generation.

SIC/NAICS Code Appending

The NAICS and the SIC code provide a way to divide businesses into business-specific categories in the US and Canada. Send us your business customer file and our service team will encode all your business records so you can get a better understanding of your target markets. Our B2B data related services are designed to add value to your existing contact database.

Job Title Appending Service

Titles are crucial to effective targeting and incorrect titles reduce the response of any campaign. We aim to make your database more efficient because of a small interruption in your message related to the work title of your address. We help marketers who are stuck with such data-based issues through its unique job title affiliate services.

Email List Hygiene

Email List Hygiene/Data Scrubbing Service ensures that your data is accurate. Increase your ROI in marketing with our latest and error-free Email List Hygiene Service. All Appended products have the support of our team of experienced Data Scientists who are passionate about helping customers make the most of our products.

Reverse Appending

Improve your marketing database with our accurate and verified Reverse Data Appending. We are confident in the importance of maintaining all contact data fields, so make sure that the company databases are compiled and used by various marketing programs.

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We're very happy to have bought a healthcare list from United Data Labs. Found the pricing to be reasonable, and the quality to be good too.

John Taylor

United Data Labs brought us quality leads with their email list. The list quality was good and their team was available for support all the time. We are pleased with the service.

Judy Wolford

A few months ago I bought email lists from United Data Labs. It's really worth it for me. They provided excellent service and saved our time whenever my team needed it.

Greg Walker